The Moon Palace

The community of Mavis DeLuna

About the Moon Palace

Inspired by the popular anime Sailor Moon and its Moon Kingdom (seen in the above placeholder image), the Moon Palace is a fictional location on Earth's Moon powered by magic. It exists within a magical bubble that contains and maintains life. It is the residence of the Moon Monarch Mavis DeLuna, crowned by divine right by the goddess Selene, and their chosen Lunar Guardians.Mavis (often referred to as "Their Majesty") and the Lunar Guardians permanently live here, with the palace's magic connecting them to other worlds they've visited and/or protected. It also serves as a base, being the closest location to protect planet Earth and its surrounding galaxy. People and creatures displaced or seeking refuge from their worlds often visit or reside here.Mavis rules the Moon Palace with benevolence and kindness. The palace has many amenities and is luxurious and grand, so that its residents and the Monarch within it live in comfort and stability. Some people stay temporarily, then move on when they are ready; others decide to make the palace their permanent home, to escape lives of stress or strife and find lasting peace.Able-bodied residents are requested to help maintain the palace and its amenities at least once while they stay. In return they are given free room and board, and extracurricular activities to be pursued at their leisure. Residents of the Moon Palace are never left going without; it acts as a safe haven, almost a small utopia. However, it is not without flaws, and must be protected from outside sources that seek to shatter its protective bubble and disrupt the peace.In addition to the palace residents, large numbers of Clefairy (from the anime and popular video game series Pokémon) and its evolutions reside on the Moon, and have also integrated into the palace's peaceful life. In its source material, Clefairy are rumored to be extraterrestrial creatures hailing from the Moon itself.

Characters and additional information coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions directed at Mavis. These may be regarding streams, content creation, and anything related. If you have a question, it may be answered here!

How is Mavis's name pronounced?

MAV-is, not MAY-vis. Look up the sound that "æ" makes, and that is how you pronounce the "A" in Mavis's name.

What programs does Mavis use to stream/make videos?

Mavis uses OBS Studio to broadcast on Twitch. Additional programs they use are BikuBot, StreamLabels, Spotify, and Mix It Up. Mavis uses CapCut for video editing.For VTubing/Virtual Content Creation, they use VSeeFace with VNyan. Face tracking is done through iFacialMocap on an iPhone 11. For more information on VTubing and Virtual Content Creation, check out this document.

Is Mavis available for collabs?

If you are a brand or sponsor interested in working with Mavis, feel free to contact them at [email protected].Mavis collaborates with people they are familiar with such as friends and teammates on the stream teams/groups they are on. Mavis does not do "blind" collabs, and will only collaborate with someone who they have spoken to or have some level of familiarity. They do not take inquiries for collabs and will not appear on any streams where they are unfamiliar with the host.Additionally, Mavis will not appear on talk shows or accept invitations to be a guest on talk shows/streams/podcasts to discuss their identity, social issues, or their political stances. They are not interested in doing so. The exception to this is them reaching out to individuals hosting and expressing their own interest in joining.We are extremely grateful and thankful for anyone who invites Mavis to participate on their streams, or wishes to be a part of our community. While we are not opposed to opening our doors to new individuals on occasion, this is a choice made for Mavis's personal comfort and safety. Thank you for understanding.

Can I draw art for Mavis?

Yes, but be sure to check their boundaries first.(If you're wondering why Mavis has boundaries about gift/fan art, consider reading these links. Be aware that not everyone has good intentions online, and it's important to show understanding and respect toward others.)

Why is the Moon Palace 18+ only?

Mavis is an adult in their 30s. They have zero interest in interacting with minors online.If you are a minor on the internet, understand that adult spaces that keep minors out are not being intentionally cruel or mean to you- it's for your safety. Consider learning to protect yourself from potential predators and understanding how grooming can affect people online.Despite being 18+, the Moon Palace remains a largely SFW space to comply with platform ToS, such as Twitch and Discord.

Why does the Moon Palace have so many rules?!

We want to shut down any toxic, bigoted, or harmful behaviors before they start. If someone has a problem with our rules, boundaries, or requests to be a decent human being, then they are more than welcome to simply not interact with the space and move on to other things that are more fulfilling for them.Choosing to complain about someone's boundaries is always a red flag. If you think we have "too many rules" or "the list is too long," then you can simply find another space to be a part of that will be better suited for you. It is absolutely okay to decide you don't align with a space's rules/boundaries and decide that something is not for you. Practicing curating your experience online is an important skill.More often than not, the rules we've put in place are there because situations have unfolded that hurt people within the community, and we want to make sure events or incidents like them don't happen again.

Fan Art

Can I draw art of Mavis?

Yes, you may! However, Mavis asks that people please respect several ground rules and boundaries regarding gift art or fan art of them. Feel free to read all of this information below.All boundaries listed here are for Mavis's SAFETY and COMFORT and are not negotiable or debatable. Violating these boundaries, arguing them, or not respecting them will result in a ban/removal from their spaces.

Why have all these rules?

Mavis is always grateful for people going out of their way to do something nice for them.However, if you're making a gift for someone, you should be prioritizing the concept that it is a gift they will enjoy and will be comfortable with. Gifts are meant to be a kind gesture with the person's happiness in mind. If someone gives Mavis something they did not ask for, welcome, or consent to, they are well within their right to decline and/or feel uncomfortable.Disagreeing with these boundaries is fine, but violating/ignoring them is not. These boundaries are in place for a reason - they are for Mavis's SAFETY and COMFORT and are not negotiable or debatable. Violating these boundaries, arguing them, or not respecting them will result in a ban/removal from all of Mavis's spaces.

General Boundaries:

Gifts are not to be given with ulterior motives or expectations of developing a friendship with Mavis.

If you give a gift to someone, you should be doing it out of kindness- not because you expect something back.A gift is a gift. You are not owed anything in return.

If your gift art is spur-of-the-moment/a surprise, please DO NOT tell Mavis that you have a surprise for them!

This is unfortunately something that causes anxiety that they cannot control.Be straightforward and communicate- we won't get upset with you for being honest!

No VTuber models.

This includes both 2D and 3D. No fan rigs/models/VRoids etc. Mavis pays for their models and has them created by their chosen model artist only. Exceptions include if Mavis enters a raffle/giveaway of their own volition.

Do not recreate Mavis and/or their avatar/likeness in video games or other media.

Mavis is NOT comfortable with being used or played as in a video game or other form of media. Remember that their avatar and design are theirs, and they decide how it is used. This clause includes any video game or media with customizable character creation, including websites such as HeroForge. Game examples include Baldur's Gate, the Sims, etc.

Do not recreate Mavis and/or their likeness/avatars in your written works, world, lore, etc.

Mavis is NOT comfortable with being apart of other people's lore, stories, or other possibly could-be written works. Their character is theirs, and so is their story and lore. This clause even extends to worlds/stories/lore you don't plan on writing out. Additionally, do not forcibly insert yourself or your characters into their stories and lore.The people that Mavis has consented to being in their lore are extremely close friends and family. If you are not explicitly told or considered one of these people, then don't even ask.

No usage of pre-made templates, bases, character generators, etc.

Any art that is a gift to Mavis MUST be art that is made by you. This includes edits of pre-existing art from franchises or games, dollmakers, picrews, use of bases, or character generator sites.Art MUST be 100% created by you. Memes or edits for specific inside jokes are acceptable depending on context, but if you intend to give a piece of gift/fan art, do not infringe on someone else's copywritten work.


Mavis and the Moon Palace community supports artists and their labor. Users who do this will be removed from our spaces immediately.

Further Boundaries & Guidelines:

Gift/Fan art MUST be made by you.

No commissioned works, trades, or any art of Mavis that they cannot consent to. Do not commission or trade with artists for art of Mavis without their knowledge or consent.When money trades hands and character creators have no say in how a piece of art looks, misinterpretations can happen. We’d like to avoid this happening as much as possible. With commissions, Mavis prefers to commission artists themselves.

DO NOT “lewd” or sexualize Mavis and/or their avatars.

Please keep all gift art SFW and “wholesome.” Do not portray Mavis in suggestive poses or using gestures that may be considered lewd or sexual. Do not draw them in clothing that is overly revealing or sexual in nature. Fetish content of any kind is not permitted.Additionally: Someone sexualizing themselves, drawing/commissioning 18+ art, or making sexual jokes isn't an invitation to sexualize them yourself. Mavis being an adult engaging with or even creating NSFW media does not invalidate these boundaries, nor does it automatically grant anyone permission to ignore or bypass these boundaries. This applies to all spaces they own and manage.

Do not drastically alter Mavis's base skin color.

The complexion on Mavis's model/avatar is swatched directly from their actual skin tone. It's very important to portray POC correctly, including their skin tone. Do not make Mavis's skin lighter or darker, with the exception of an atmosphere/setting affected by environmental lighting or magic effects. The swatches provided are the safest and most accurate colors to use.

Mavis's base hair color is RED, not brown.

The hex code can be seen below on the swatches reference. The color is #55181f. Please be sure to get this color correct, and if using layer effects, make sure the base color appears as close to red as possible. The white stripe in their hair is also a requirement, as it is a core part of their character and backstory. Refer to the character references and be sure to portray this correctly. Be sure to portray their hairstyles correctly and do not draw Mavis in alternate hairstyles without their consent.

Be respectful of Mavis's gender identity.

Mavis is Two-Spirit, genderfluid, and non-binary. They change their presentation based on current comfort/preference. However, do not over-feminize or over-masculinize them. When in doubt, defaulting to their more androgynous presentation is okay. Refer to their references above.

Do not alter Mavis's body features and/or type, outside of drawing their different presentations.

When doing this, be sure that Mavis's body is drawn correctly and their physical/bodily features are not changed to be portrayed outside of their reference sheets. It is crucial to make sure portrayal of trans people is done correctly, as failing to do so can cause harm.Mavis is flat-chested in their masculine or masculine-leaning forms. They have a larger chest in their feminine or feminine-leaning forms, but sometimes choose to be flat-chested when androgynously feminine. You can see this in their references provided above.

AVOID drawing Mavis with other individuals/characters without their prior consent.

This does include their friends and/or fictional characters they have expressed liking. Feel free to ask beforehand what Mavis is okay with.Exceptions to this: You are ALWAYS welcome to draw Mavis with their mascot Pokémon (Dulce, Leche, and/or Bento) or the Pokémon Clefairy, as it is their favorite. When in doubt, it's always okay to draw them solo.

If you've read this information and agree that you understand and will respect the above boundaries, you can view Mavis's reference sheets and additional information below.


Model created in VRoid Studio by Alliium

Moon Monarch Outfit

Feminine Model
Masculine Model
Androgynous (Fem-Leaning) Model
Androgynous (Masc-Leaning) Model

Casual Outfit

Feminine Model
Masculine Model
Androgynous (Fem-Leaning) Model
Androgynous (Masc-Leaning) Model


Companions / Mascots


"Dulce the Dragonslayer"
Male | Bold Nature | Shiny


"Leche the Great"
Female | Sassy Nature | Albino


"Bento the Gourmet"
Male | Naive Nature | Shiny

Game Mods

Prerequisite Mods



Beat Saber uses Mod Assistant as a prerequisite, and you can install select Mods directly from the program.To use avatars in Beat Saber, I use Nalaluna Avatars and Nalaluna Mod Assistant.VR currently not installed; this list coming soon!

Moon Palace Community Rules

You must read and agree to our rules to participate within our community space.
Failure to comply with our rules will result in a timeout or ban.

Be respectful when addressing Mavis.

Mavis's name is pronounced with a short 'a' sound- not a long one. It is MAV-is, not MAY-vis.
Additionally, Mavis's name is Mavis only. Please do not call them "Luna" (that is not their name) or any other usernames/names.
Do not call Mavis nicknames/pet names, or shorten their name.Do not use gendered terms/titles for Mavis. They are the Moon Monarch only. If you'd like to play along with the immersion of them being a virtual creator, suitable titles for them are Your Majesty and/or Your Highness.

Respect all boundaries.

When it comes to boundaries: ASK, DON'T ASSUME.The mod team appreciates any and all questions for any reason, including verifying or asking for permission for messages, boundaries or comments. Do not assume rules and boundaries you are unsure of. Users are always welcome to open a ticket within our Discord server to ask the mod team about a rule or boundary that either hasn't been listed down, or isn't clear enough for you.

Avoid unhealthy parasocial interactions/relationships.

Mavis DeLuna is a professional streamer, and Twitch is their primary form and method of income. While Mavis does act friendly and personable toward their viewers, including platonic acts of affection or compliments, they prefer to keep a professional relationship with their viewers.By nature, interacting with streamers can be a form of parasocial interaction. Parasocial interactions can remain healthy without infringing on boundaries. However, interacting with a content creator does not automatically make you friends with them or mean that you are involved in their personal life.Understand that streamers have lives outside of content creation, and often separate them from their online life. What you see on streams and social media is curated, and what a person chooses to show the public.If Mavis is friends with someone, they will say so and make that relationship explicitly clear. Please understand and respect creators and their privacy, and their separation of online life and offline life.In addition, being a Virtual Creator does not make Mavis a fictional character, despite playing one as part of their performances. There is a real person behind the avatar. Respect the person behind the avatar.For more information, read:

The Moon Palace is an 18+ Only space.

Our server is an adults-only space for the safety of all members of the Moon Palace community. We do not intend to maliciously exclude minors from our space. Our intent is to keep it safe for both adults and minors on the internet.Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to join our Discord community or participate in Twitch/YouTube chat. We ask that you respect our boundaries and find a space suitable for all ages if you are under the age of 18.Minors found lying about their age while participating in our community spaces will be permanently banned. We will not welcome returning users who have turned 18 after violating this rule; this is due to a lack of respect for boundaries. We take safety on this matter very seriously.

18+ does not mean lewd/NSFW/R18.

We are an 18+ community for safety reasons. While some adult memes and jokes are made on occasion, we do not allow any pornography or graphically sexual images, content, or discussion within our space.Sexual harassment is not permitted. For more information and further clarification, view our rules on predatory behavior.

Predatory behavior is unacceptable and unwelcome.

Sexual or flirtatious comments/remarks made toward others without consent is sexual harassment. Graphic sexual discussion is not permitted. Respect ALL boundaries set by members within our community. Fetish mining is not permitted.Pedophilia and online grooming is a serious issue, and we do not take it lightly. We take a zero-tolerance policy on this topic, and will not ever support or enable individuals outed as predators in any capacity. Individuals who also support, excuse, or enable outed predators will be removed and blacklisted from our community. We support and believe victims/survivors. Pedophiles do not deserve a space here or anywhere.In addition, individuals who identify as "MAPs" (minor-attracted persons) or "NOMAPs" (non-offending minor-attraction persons) are pedophiles, and will be immediately banned from this community and reported to the appropriate platforms.More information and red flags to look out for: Signs of a Sexual Predator | What Does it Mean to Groom Someone

English only, please!

Please avoid speaking in other languages, even in one I am learning! I want to be able to fully understand everything going on in chat.

Do not mention metrics/numbers, or viewer count.

Do not bring up how many viewers my stream has or if the number has gone up or down.I am not focused on numbers and keep this information hidden in my streaming dashboard. If I am concerned with numbers, I will check them privately outside of streams.

No self-promotion.

Do not try to promote your own stream, content, or anything else without prior consent. Do not post links without prior consent.Do not ask for shout-outs. If my mods and I give someone a shout-out, it's because we choose to do so.Do not post in chat that you are leaving to start your own stream.

Do not mini-moderate.

Please avoid moderating other users, or using moderator commands when they are asked for.I have a hand-picked mod team trained to take care of our space and help our community! You can trust them, and you are more than welcome to ask them for help or let them know if you have questions.

Do not roleplay or “RP” in chat.

My chat and stream is not the time or place for roleplay. Gestures of affection such as *hugs* from strangers makes me extremely uncomfortable. I appreciate everyone’s kindness and enthusiasm, but I do have boundaries in place for my personal comfort and wellbeing.

Support/kindness does not entitle you to special treatment.

Users are not to use acts of monetary support to push boundaries, break rules, or guilt-trip the streamer and/or other community members.Being subscribed, purchasing gifts, or donating does not entitle users to special treatment, nor does it place them above the rules in our community spaces. Disrespecting our rules will result in removal and/or a ban in order to protect our community and space.Gifts such as purchased items, fan art, etc. are not to be given with ulterior motives or expectations of developing a friendship. If you give a gift to someone, you should be doing it out of kindness, not because you expect something back. A gift is a gift- you are not owed anything in return.

Do not ask to join games or voice chat, especially if you're new.

I prefer playing with friends or people I am comfortable/familiar with. Please do not ask to join my Discord calls or join multiplayer games, especially if we have never spoken before. My friends know who they are, and they have been given the boundary to ask me in DMs if they wish to join games with me, not in Twitch chat. Putting streamers on the spot is often uncomfortable. If my friends can respect this boundary, so can you.If I am playing with viewers, I will make it very clear that I am open to playing with viewers, and participants will be able to join with instructions. Continued attempts at bypassing this boundary or ignoring it outright will result in a ban.

Do not backseat game.

Backseat Gaming refers to excessively commenting on the in-game decisions and actions of someone playing a video game, usually toward a streamer playing said game.If I want help when I am playing a particular game, I will ask for it. Otherwise, please let me enjoy my gameplay - if my style isn't for you, you don't have to watch.

Moon Palace Community Safety & Inclusion

The Moon Palace community and mod team seeks to keep our community safe, uplifting, and welcoming for all.

The Moon Palace is an 18+ Only space.

Our server is an adults-only space for the safety of all members of the Moon Palace community. We do not intend to maliciously exclude minors from our space. Our intent is to keep it safe for both adults and minors on the internet.Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to join our Discord community or participate in Twitch/YouTube chat. We ask that you respect our boundaries and find a space suitable for all ages if you are under the age of 18.Minors found lying about their age while participating in our community spaces will be permanently banned. We will not welcome returning users who have turned 18 after violating this rule; this is due to a lack of respect for boundaries. We take safety on this matter very seriously.

The Moon Palace strives to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

While we acknowledge that no public space on the internet is 100% safe, we do our best to put in the work in order to make our community welcoming and comfortable for all marginalized identities. We are a BIPOC-forward space, including for QTPOC.BIPOC (pronounced "bye-pock") stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. QTPOC stands for Queer and Trans People of Color.We will not tolerate any of the following:
- Racism (Antiblackness and Anti-Indigenous racism, and all subsets of racism)
- Homophobia & Transphobia
- Ableism & Classism
- Sexism, Misogyny, Transmisogyny, and Misogynoir/Transmisogynoir
- Fatphobia & Body Shaming
- Antisemitism & Islamophobia
- Zionism & Fascism
Please note that this may not be a comprehensive list. As a community, we are primarily anti-bigotry and handle matters on a case by case basis. Don't know what these terms mean? They're all searchable on Wikipedia for basic understanding.If you are white, cisgender, heterosexual, or any combination of the three, we ask that you please recognize your privilege and understand that this space does not and will not cater to you.This is NOT exclusion- you are more than welcome to participate and be a part of our community. However, we will enforce the safety of BIPOC/QTPOC and ask individuals with privilege not to speak over those with marginalized identities or invalidate their experiences.

We want everyone to know that we support the following stances:

- All members of the LGBTQIA2S+ and Queer communities are welcome, including those who are Asexual and/or Aromantic. TERFs, Truscum/Transmeds, and such ideology are not permitted and will result in immediate, indefinite removal. Transphobia of any kind will result in an instant permaban.- Our space strives to be anti-racist and uplifts BIPOC and QTPOC. LGBTQIA2S+ people of color face higher rates of discrimination in a variety of settings compared to their white LGBTQIA+ counterparts. Being queer/LGBTQIA+ is not a white-exclusive experience. We take the safety of BIPOC and QTPOC very seriously.- We support and uplift those with mental illness and all forms of neurodivergence. DID/OSDD systems are welcome here, and are free to use PluralKit within our Discord server. (Alters/system members must be 18+ to participate in our spaces.) *NOTE: Being neurodivergent is not a justification or shield when held accountable for any instances of rulebreaking or crossing of boundaries.- Our community supports #FreePalestine, Land Back, Indigenous Sovereignty, Black Lives Matter, Black Liberation, and #StopAsianHate, as well as other movements that speak up against genocide, colonization, imperialism, and military occupation.- We welcome all individuals with chronic illness and/or disabilities. We recognize that in the United States, disabled people still do not have marriage equality. We advocate for accessibility, healthcare, and other fundamental human rights. Stigma against mental illnesses/disorders will not be tolerated. This community welcomes disabled and/or neurodivergent individuals that are peer reviewed and/or self-diagnosed.In addition to the above sections regarding disability and neurodivergence, we encourage the use of tone tags. For an explanation of tone tags and their usage, you can view the following links:

We uplift and protect QTPOC.

LGBTQIA2S+ people of color face higher rates of discrimination in a variety of settings compared to their white LGBTQIA+ counterparts.If you are white and LGBTQIA+, you still benefit from the privilege of being white. You do not suffer from racial discrimination or profiling. While white LGBTQIA+ individuals are marginalized for being LGBTQIA+, they still benefit from a system that favors white people, built on the suffering of Black and Indigenous people.Being trans, gay, or queer is not a white-exclusive experience. BIPOC LGBTQIA+ people often have vastly different experiences and perspectives from being LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. This also includes being BIPOC and other identities, such as disabled and/or neurodivergent.

Do not misgender the streamer or other users in chat.

My pronouns are not preferred, they are mandatory. There is no excuse to refer to me incorrectly, as my pronouns are largely visible on my screen right next to me, as well as several other places on my page.My mods and I take the safety of trans people within our community very seriously. Statements such as "I don't know much about LGBT people/I'm new to pronouns" or anything similar will be considered a red flag. Ignorance that causes harm or discomfort toward trans people within our community may result in immediate and permanent removal from our space.Everyone uses pronouns, even cisgender people. They are not a new or radical concept.

We take the safety of trans people within our community very seriously.

In addition to the above section, our space isn't an advice column or educational space. If you are unfamiliar with LGBTQIA2S+ and/or Queer communities, we strongly recommend that you educate yourself before attempting to enter this server or participate.- Always check a user's pronouns before you refer to them. If you don't know, you can simply ask them.- Do not disrespect or make fun of Neopronouns. They are just as valid as any other pronoun, and we welcome people who use them.- We take misgendering very seriously. Misgendering will result in a warning. Second offense will result in a 1-day suspension/timeout with a link to educational resources. Individuals who do not change or improve upon this behavior will be permanently removed from our community. Intentional misgendering will be met with a permanent ban without discussion.- If you believe you need dysphoria to be transgender, you absolutely do not belong here. You are not and never will be the authority on someone else's gender identity or presentation.- No shaming people for their voice, presentation, physical appearance, or romantic orientation/preferences. This doesn't apply to only trans and other LGBTQIA+ people, but gender nonconforming people, cis people, and straight people as well. In general, shaming people for their physical appearance or things they cannot change or control is cruel and unnecessary.- No abrasive, rude, or hateful comments toward or about men or AMAB people. Gay men, trans men, and transmascs exist, as well as men within other marginalized communities. Statements like this can do splash damage and make them feel unwelcome or unsafe. While we recognize that sexism, toxic masculinity, and cisheteropatriarchy are serious issues that are completely valid to feel frustration at, men deserve to feel welcome and safe within our community.

Be mindful when it comes to political discussions; ask for consent first.

Some spaces exist to escape the stressful topics or experiences in our everyday lives, and we consider ours one of them. We ask that our community keep discussions positive, unless there is prior consent to discussion about activism and heavy topics.However, we are well aware that by being transgender, BIPOC, or any other marginalized identity, that our existence is inherently political as a result of marginalization. As a result, discussions regarding politics affecting marginalized identities will inevitably occur. We will not stop BIPOC or other marginalized identities from expressing themselves, or sharing their concerns and/or experiences.Discussions will be moderated where necessary. Aggressive or intentionally malicious debate is not permitted. Discussions must be kept respectful, courteous, and civil.HOWEVER: If you display ignorance that is harmful, hateful, or dismissive of any marginalized identities, intentionally or not, our moderation team will handle such situations accordingly. Outcomes will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

This community is NOT primarily an advice column or educational space.

It's important to note that marginalized individuals educating others is a form of emotional labor, and individuals within a specific marginalized community are not obligated to educate others, especially their oppressors. Marginalized groups and individuals within those groups are not teachers or textbooks. Unlearning internalized bigotry is hard work, and a process done over time. We expect members of our community to be willing to do their part in this process on their own.Google is free, and a valuable resource. If you do not understand something, attempt to do research and look it up before asking. Some members of our community are open to discussions and questions in good faith. However, you must ask if individuals are willing to do so first and respect their boundaries if they say no. Weaponizing emotional labor or demanding education will not be tolerated.

Do not "trauma dump."

Members of this community are not licensed or trained mental health professionals. Self-deprecation and trigger language is not allowed in our stream chat, especially if it’s done for attention-seeking reasons. We understand and empathize with others and their difficulties, but we cannot provide care if someone is in crisis.Please type !talk in chat for resources if you are in need, or feeling alone.

Hate symbols and/or ideology is not permitted.

Fascism and fascist propaganda, imagery, or rhetoric is strictly prohibited within our community and will never be welcomed. Hate symbols will be deleted on sight. If hate symbols are used intentionally and not out of ignorance, their usage will result in an instant ban.View the ADL's glossary on hate symbols here:

“Pepe the Frog” emotes are not permitted.

Pepe the Frog has been co-opted and used enough by white supremacists and other hate groups to be considered a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League.For the safety of all marginalized individuals, we'd rather be safe and keep this symbol out of our space. For more information, view this link: emotes were created by Chonkikage as an alternative cute green frog emote; without the unintentional (or not) white supremacy undertones prevalant with the other kind. Please use Froogy instead!

Discussion of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy, or any works created by J.K. Rowling is not welcome in this space.

We cannot and will not stop you from engaging with this media franchise and its contents. We are not telling you to drop it entirely or give up things you love or find a comfort. However, we do encourage others within our space to consume media critically and understand the potential harm it causes to others, especially within marginalized communities.This franchise and its author is a cause of great harm for and toward many trans people as well as Jewish people for its transphobic rhetoric, direct transphobic propaganda, and usage of antisemitic caricatures. As a result, it is not permitted to be shared or discussed within this space.For a full source and timeline with dates, view: GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQIA+ people.

A Twitch Chat Etiquette Guide for the New Viewer

DISCLAIMER: This is a general guide for interacting with streamers on Twitch, whether you are a viewer or a streamer yourself. Forms of Twitch Etiquette are often "unspoken" rules that people are usually completely unaware of and unfairly penalized for. This guide's purpose is to help spread awareness of Twitch Etiquette, and encourage positive interaction with streamers. This can apply to other streaming platforms such as YouTube, and not just Twitch.The way individual streamers will handle or follow etiquette is entirely subjective and may vary from one individual to another. These rules are not set in stone, but good to use as a reference or a general rule of thumb.

- Do not violate the Twitch Terms of Service or any other streaming/video platform's Terms of Service.- Always check if the streamer you are watching has rules. Different channels will have various different rules, or lack thereof.- Do not bring up numbers such as viewer count. Most streamers do not like to hear how many viewers they have. If they choose to, they can see the number from their dashboard just fine.- Never advertise your own channel/content, or ask to be promoted or "shouted out" by the streamer. Become a valued member of the community, and the streamer is more likely to check you out on their own. Avoid asking how to get more viewers to your channel. Growth is a gradual process. You cannot make people watch you or your content.- DO NOT call out lurkers that you see in the user list. They chose to lurk, and they can delurk themselves and chat if they choose. At that point, you can say hi to them- otherwise, calling out lurkers is considered rude. It can cause anxiety and drive those individuals away.- Avoid unhealthy parasocial interaction and respect a streamer/creator's boundaries. By nature, interacting with streamers can be a form of parasocial interaction. However, interacting with a content creator does not automatically make you friends with them. Understand that streamers have personal lives, and often separate them from their online life. What you see on streams and social media is curated, and what a person chooses to show the public.- If a streamer is playing a multiplayer game, avoid asking to join- unless they have stated that they are playing with viewers. Streamers can and will often play games with their communities to bond and create rapport with their audience. If a streamer has not indicated that their game is open to viewers, you may ask if they are accepting additional players- but respect their boundaries if they say no.- Do not argue a time out in the channel. You’ll probably end up getting timed out again. If there is a misunderstanding, streamers will accept polite inbox messages to help resolve any issues.- If you are timed out for caps, faces, too many symbols, and posting links, chances are the streamer has a bot with filters on. Most mods do not enforce manual time-outs for these instances.- Avoid talking about other streamers inside another stream, even if they are friends. It is considered rude. If the streamer themselves invites or starts said discussion, then it's okay!- If you see a streamer you recognize in someone else’s channel, please refrain from asking when they will stream again, or when they will do (insert thing here) again. Streamers deserve to have time off and don't always want to talk about their streams. They are people with lives, feelings, and outside hobbies just like you.- If you want to know when a streamer is live, follow their channel, their social media pages, and if they have one, their Discord. Streamers usually post when they go live on their other platforms to inform all of their followers!- Avoid posting in a streamer's chat that you are leaving to watch another stream. Doing this is often considered rude by some streamers.- Avoid posting in a streamer's chat that you are leaving to start your own stream. Doing this can be considered rude and/or interpreted as self-promotion.- If the streamer has information below their stream (such as panels), read them! These panels usually contain a lot of information, such as PC Specs, FAQ, Rules, and Links!- Never tell a streamer to play a different game than the current one they are playing. If you only follow the streamer for one game, return at a later time to watch them play the one game you want to see. The channel is theirs, so they can stream whatever they choose.- Channels will often have a title below their video. It will almost always tell you what the streamer is playing, or what they plan on doing during the broadcast.- Donating to, subscribing to, or following a streamer does not entitle you to special treatment, or to make demands. You are a viewer, and you are not above the rules for any reason. Respect a streamer and their space(s) at all times.

Etiquette for Streamers using Virtual Avatars

What is a VTuber? The term "VTuber" is short for "Virtual YouTuber," but this term has evolved over time to mean any content creator using a virtual avatar instead of their real/"IRL" face (facecam). Other terms for VTubers include VStreamer or VArtist. The "V" in these terms stands for "Virtual." However, Mavis personally does not identify with the rest of the "VTuber" sphere, and chooses to call themselves a Virtual Content Creator instead.Many content creators choose to use an avatar for a number of reasons, such as privacy and accessibility. While Virtual Creators are real people, they are often playing characters displayed via their virtual avatar. Some of these users with avatars have "lore," a term used to define a backstory for their character or why that character exists.Some Virtual Creators will remain strictly "in-character" (role playing) as their avatar. Others simply want to use an avatar to maintain a sense of privacy and will still be themselves, just without showing their real face. Some may even mix between the two or keep a happy medium or balance. In general, individual Virtual Creators may have their own rules, and it's best to follow them.

- Avoid asking a Virtual Streamer/Creator to do a "face reveal" (sharing their real/IRL face). Doing this is generally frowned upon when it comes to Virtual Creators (and VTubers). Some Virtual Creators do willingly show their "real/IRL" faces, and some will even alternate between using an avatar and a facecam. However, streamers that exclusively use an avatar probably do so for a reason. Please respect their boundaries and privacy!- If a Virtual Creator does not publicly reveal any personal details about themselves, do not pry. This is considered invading their privacy. The vast majority of Virtual Creators do not make their other online identities public, much less personal information. If any personal information doesn’t come directly from the creator, it is considered doxing.- Respect a Virtual Creator the same way you would a real person. There is still a human being behind the avatar with thoughts, feelings, and needs. They are a streamer just like any other facecam streamer, but using a virtual avatar instead.- Don't make destructive or disparaging comment about a Virtual Creator avatar/model. Artists work hard on creating these avatars so streamers can make content with them. Virtual Creator also have personal attachments to their models, as they are that creator's form of self-expression. All types of models are their own art form, and are equally worthy of respect and love for the amount of work that goes into them.- Don't make disparaging comments on a Virtual Creator voice, ask about their "real voice," or make comments about voice changers. Whatever a creator chooses to do with their voice, modified or not, is their business- they are allowed their own comfort and privacy. Focus on the fantastic content they make instead!

What is backseat gaming?

Backseat Gaming refers to excessively commenting on the in-game decisions and actions of someone playing a video game, usually toward a streamer playing said game. Examples include trying to direct the player where to go, trying to tell them to change their playing style, and dropping spoilers or end-game content in chat without the player's consent.Unless the streamer specifically asks for help, it is usually frowned upon to make suggestions or commands- even the tiniest ones such as “go left” or “jump.” Be sure to check a streamer's rules before commenting! Some streamers are okay with backseat gaming and suggestions, while others are not.

The Moon Palace Community Minecraft Server is available ONLY to existing subscribers, VIPs, and Moderators. Non-subscribers are not permitted within the server. The server is meant for us to have fun and be kind while sharing experiences as a community.⚠️ THIS SERVER IS FOR JAVA MINECRAFT ONLY. Our community server is not available on other Minecraft platforms, such as Bedrock. Additionally, our server is Vanilla Minecraft with some plugins.Our server plugins include:
- EssentialsX
- CoreProtect
- TreeAssist
- GriefPrevention
- TeleportPlus

How do I know who is on the server?

Moderators will have Green names. VIPs will have Pink names. Regular Members will have Yellow names.

Is this a Survival Mode server?

Yes, however we do have a designated zone of build plots available for creative builds.Pixel Art Island is a zone for Creative builds, mostly pixel art. It can be reached via the Aether Crystal portal at spawn. It's a peaceful Mooshroom Island, perfect for folks who prefer a more relaxed building experience.Pixel Art Island (PAI) has its own rules, mainly about returning to Survival Mode before leaving, and not taking resources off of the island.

How do I join the server?

You must be subscribed to MavisDeLuna on Twitch AND be a member of this Discord server for AT LEAST 1 WEEK before being whitelisted.This server is a community server. When you play, be mindful of your peers and fellow players. If moderators tell you to stop doing something, please listen to them.All Discord server rules apply to the subscriber channels as well as the Minecraft server.

While the server is subscriber-only, we consider it a public space within our community. We ask that you abide by the following rules:- Follow stream platform ToS, and don't say anything harmful, offensive, or rule-breaking in the Minecraft chat.- Do not invite random people to join the server- they must be subscribed to MavisDeLuna on Twitch and be a member of our discord to be able to join. After that, there is a 1-week waiting period before subscribers can play on our server as a safety measure.

- Encourage sharing and helping others. There is a community hub where everyone has access to items, materials, and resources.- Give back if you take. Ex: If you take a stack of redstone, replace it later or inform the server that you will be trading it for another resource/item.- Make fun builds! We encourage creativity on this server.- Explore the world to your liking.- Participate with others, make friends, and have fun.

- Touch anyone else's builds or belongings without permission. This is our #1 rule and you will be banned if you cannot respect it. It does not matter what the reason is. DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE ELSE'S BUILDS WITHOUT PERMISSION!- Join the server if you share your Minecraft account with someone else. This is a safety risk. You must own your own Minecraft account and be the only one playing on it.- Ask to become a staff member or moderator. We already have a hand-picked moderation team that has agreed to help on the Minecraft server.- Beg for items to be given or spawned. Members are more than happy to help you find things or share with you. If members won't give you something, you will have to get it yourself.- Destroy, deface, graffiti, or build on top of another person’s constructions. This applies to our first rule: Don't touch other people's builds without permission!- Bully, harass, or grief anyone. This will result in an instant, permanent ban.- Make offensive builds, or have offensive names or skins. You will be asked to change them. Failure to comply will result in removal from our server and/or community.- Rush getting to the Nether or The End. Let us experience these events as a community. Nether or End Rushing without prior consent will result in a ban.

GriefPrevention has been installed on our server to prevent griefing and help users protect their builds.Read the documentation here for instructions:

Over time, we have noticed some pranking on the server and want to make sure all parties involved in such activities first consent to it. Respecting boundaries and creating a comfortable space for all server participants is our main goal.Parties who engage in pranking/joking on the server must give prior consent. No pranking anyone on the server who has not consented. This falls under our "do not touch anyone else's builds without permission" rule, and will be enforced.Pranks should be non-destructive in nature, and not have server-wide impacts. (No mass-entity spam, wither spawns, etc.)Examples of benign and acceptable pranks:
- Spawning a singular sheep or chicken on a friend's roof
- Leaving named items in a friend's chest for them to find later
- Following/sneaking behind your friend until they notice you
- Giving helpful/benign items to your friend without them noticing

Streamers within our community are welcome to stream while playing on our Minecraft server, under the following conditions:- Their stream must abide by streaming platform ToS.- Users who want to stream while playing on the server MUST inform other users online/playing on the server via text chat that they will be going live. This gives others the option to consent or log off to avoid being on streams.- If there are others present/online on the server, let them know via the Minecraft text chat that you are or will be streaming, so they can opt not to be on the server for the duration of your stream.Failure to comply with these rules will result in a suspension or ban from the Minecraft server or community space, depending on severity.

In order to join our Minecraft server, you must be subscribed to MavisDeLuna on Twitch and a member of the Moon Palace Discord Server for at least one week.Further instructions on how to join the Minecraft server are located within our discord, accessible to Twitch subscribers only. Be sure to sync your Twitch to Discord so you can see these channels while subscribed.